Would You Be Willing To Help By Giving a Donation?
Every Penny Will Help.


SOLAHIS is committed to passing along the maximum amount possible to the children of Medellin, Colombia. As such, 95% of donations are allocated in helping the children & only 5% for administration purposes.


Why Donate?

Sponsors are critical to giving individual children the best chance possible to become self-sustaining citizens, free of poverty and despair. Donors, whatever their contribution amount, enable the Children’s Centre to run and help even those children who have not yet been sponsored.

Donations help in many ways. They cover:

  • Feeding over 150 additional, not-yet-sponsored children once a week
  • Operational expenses for the Children’s Centre, including team salaries
  • Tutors for the children
  • Skills training programs for the adults so they can find work in industries other than the drug trade or prostitution
  • Ongoing improvements that include renovations for a medical and dental office space
  • Scholarships for children who want to attend post-secondary institutions (In December 2012, four of our sponsored children will be graduating from high school and applying to university)

SOLAHIS is a registered Canadian charity. As such, all donations over $20 will receive a tax donation receipt.

If you are able to spare a bit of money or are looking for a worthy group for your class, church, or business group to raise funds for, we are very pleased to receive lump sum donations. As a registered charity, we are happy to write an official tax donation receipt for any donation over $20. 


Donated funds are used to cover operational expenses at the Children’s Centre including six meals per week, school uniforms, a backpack and school supplies every January, medical and dental care, and shoes when needed. Anything left over goes to helping children who are not yet sponsored and ongoing improvements to the land and buildings (including converting one into a medical and dental office.)


We are grateful for all donations. Please feel free to donate whenever you are able.


SOLAHIS is committed to passing along the maximum amount possible to the children of Medellin, Colombia. As such, only about 5% of donations are allocated for administration.

That means, for every $100 donated, approximately $95 is directly spent on helping the children

Other Ways to Donate

Fundraising Events

Every year, SOLAHIS hosts fundraising events. Would you like to participate? Please visit our Upcoming Events page for more information on our schedule or to register.

As well, please contact us if you’d like to help organize our upcoming events.

Item Collections

We send supplies to Medellin, Colombia quite frequently. If you’d prefer to donate items, these are the types of things we need on a regular basis:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Travel sized toothpaste
  • Travel sized toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc.
  • School supplies, clothing
  • Small toys, like stuffed animals and toy cars

Please restrict your donations to the items listed above. We must be able to easily travel with the donations.