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SOLAHIS is a Christian Non-Profit Society


Because of God's grace and generous people like yourself, SOLAHIS has been supporting young people in the most impoverished communities of Medellin, Colombia since 2006. We now need your support more than ever and here's how you can help:


Why Medellin, Colombia?

Where you come from matters. Jorge Silva, founder of SOLAHIS knows this. When he and his young family left Medellin - left their family, their culture, their home, to go to Canada, he was looking ahead to provide a better future for his family. As God blessed him, worked in his family's life, he and his wife realized the only way forward in their lives was to look back to where they'd come from. 

Seeds of Love and Hope Society in Medellin, Colombia was created by a man and his family, who allowed the knowledge of what God had given them to impact their future lives, and the lives of countless others in their community. Now, children who had no hope, who had no real understanding of true love, true care, and of their Heavenly Father and Creator, are given the opportunity to embrace life, to stretch themselves and their imaginations... And have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.