Wanna' Help? Here's How. 

Why do we go to help anywhere? The poverty we see, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually are immediate and powerful reasons. But another foundational and compelling force is the fact that when we fully realize what we have been freely given, we are obliged, we desire with all our hearts to give that and pass it on. 



Whatever the contribution, donations enable the Children’s Centre to run and help even those children who have not yet been sponsored.

With your help, we are able to provide health and dental care, school supplies, tutoring, youth programs, Bible studies and meals for children and their families. 

Sponsor a child

Thank you to all of our monthly sponsors. With your help, we are sponsoring 140 underprivileged children in Medellin, Colombia. 
If you're interested in becoming a sponsor please email Robyn at robynatsolahis@gmail.com to be placed on the Waiting List.

To Learn more visit our Sponsor a Child page.



We are very much encouraged that the Lord continues to bless our endeavors; without your generous gifts, much of what happens here on a daily basis would not be the reality. With rising costs, the Centre faces new challenges each year. We would really appreciate your prayers that the Lord continues to use SOLAHIS to do great things for His Kingdom, specifically in the lives of the children we support.

Thank you.


There are multiple ways to volunteer for SOLAHIS