Thank you to all of our monthly sponsors. With your help, we are sponsoring 140 underprivileged children in Medellin, Colombia. At this point in time we are at our limit of sponsorship due to space and staffing but there are still a lot of children in the community that need our support. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor please email Robyn at to be placed on the Wait List, you will be contacted as soon as a place becomes available. 

In the meantime, a monthly contribution  to SOLAHIS will help cover the cost of the services provided to the sponsored children and their community. This includes weekly community-meals and programs like parenting and marriage courses. Any sized monthly contribution is greatly appreciated and extremely helpful. 

At this time, here's how you can help.

Who Are These Children? 

These children are bright, sweet, hopeful souls who dream big and want nothing more than to live a happy life – with a belly full of food, a warm home and a good education. Most are being raised by a single parent, many of whom are only able to provide for their families through selling candies on the street, the drug trade, begging, or prostitution.