Missions Trip Update

Cats Corner: March Missions Trip


This trip brought two families together and five newbies to the center down in Colombia. For one of the team members it was her fifth time down and with her, she brought her husband, youngest son and nephew all of which had not been before. Another couple joined them who had attended the annual fundraising banquet and sponsored a child in our program. They felt a call in their hearts to come and see what we were doing at the center with their own eyes, and they were not disappointed by this decision. Jorge, our president of SOLAHIS also joined the team as usual. A few things that were dome while there, by the team, was ahandrail was built down to where a garden a future playground will be. Parts of the property are somewhat steep, and safety for the children as well as usage of the land is important to us. Also, fruit trees and shrubs were purchased and planted for the beautification of the property and for the fruit the trees will bear. Time interacting with the children was the top priority, and gifts were put together and given out to each child...either by way of their sponsor or by way of items donated and brought down by the team. (click on image below to see more images)


For more details on this trip, you can go to this blog post from one of our team member... http://loveandlight-cat.blogspot.ca/2016/06/solahisan-unexpected-journey.html

July 2016

An Organization call Free Kicks (http://www.freekicks.org/ ) from Vancouver will be going to the center to hold soccer camps for the children. Canadians teaching Colombians how to play soccer...that should be interesting! Along with them, they will be bringing equipment and jerseys for the kids.

August 2016

A youth group make of 12 youth and five adults from Coquitlam Presbyterian Church will be going down to the center to put o Basket Ball camps for the kids. The Board of Directors will also be on this trip and meet with the board in Colombia discussing various topics of SOLAHIS. During this time the youth group will also be hosting the annual Quinceanera for the 15-year-old girls of the center, a tradition in the Colombia culture.