Las Ballenitas

Students who passed all their classes during this first semester were treated to a water park field trip! They went to a water park called "Las Ballenitas" with some of the staff from the Center and enjoyed a day full of fun! 


Culturally, Colombians are competitive and respond well to positive reinforcement. We started using field trips and special outings as a way to get students motivated and engaged in their learning. Over the years, we've noticed a huge spike in successful learning within out sponsored students which has resulted in more and more students graduating from high school.

We are so proud of all of our students and we love to celebrate them! 

Our Facilities

We have been indescribably blessed with the property and facilities we have. Seeds of Love is not just a building with a front gate, it is a safe haven for young people to come and feel loved, enjoy the company with their peers and most importantly to hear the gospel. 

Every day over 200 people enter through this gate; whether sponsored children, their families or missionaries, the staff at Seeds of Love work extremely hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed, loved and valued. 


At Seeds of Love we have a small house where one of our staff members lives with her family. This quaint and adorable house has had quite a few people and gifts move in a out of it over the years including a family of ducks and a lot of gifts and donations sent by generous friends like you!


Behind the house we have two offices for our administrator, program coordinators, teachers and pastor. Behind these doors is where a lot of the prayers, meetings and planning takes place. We are so blessed by our staff and their continued commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and the kids at Seeds of Love.


Our beloved sports court in just past the offices and across from the main hall. To these kids, this beautiful ash-fault box is so much more than a small-scale basketball court. This is where friends are made, trust is built and "winning" is their only focus. It is incredibly rare to not see a game going on at Seeds of Love. In 2016 the "net" was installed to keep balls from flying away, over the main hall and getting lost in the stream below.


What doesn't happen in the Main Hall? The Main Hall is where the staff begin their mornings with devotions; where everyone gathers for lunch every day; where weddings and quinceñearas take place and where classes, bible studies and youth group are hosted. The Main Hall at Seeds of Love is the definition of "Multi-purpose Room"


In the kitchen is where Seeds of Love all started. Words cannot begin to describe or explain the dedication and hard work these ladies put forward every single day. Monday-Friday they make lunch for 200 people.. Saturdays they bump it up to 350 people. I am constantly amazing and humbled love and devotion these ladies show everyday.


Happy Birthdays!

With over 140 children who are at the Centre Monday-Saturday, it would be near impossible to host a birthday party for each one. However, the Seeds of Love staff still want each child to get a birthday celebration! Twice a year a birthday party is held for the children with birthdays from January-June or July-December; families are invited and lunch and cake are shared.

We are incredibly blessed to have such a dedicated staff who are eager to go above and beyond to serve this community. There was so much thought and effort that went into this gathering. The amazing ladies in the kitchen prepared over 350 lunch servings, over 250 sandwiches and over 250 cake slices for the families celebrating a birthday with us. It was obvious that each person in that room was excited to be apart of a celebration; whether it be their own birthday or their child's. 

Please pray for continued strength for all of our staff members as well as continued blessings and protection for them and their families.


Elizabeth Sanchez

Many of you may remember Elizabeth Sanchez as our Colombian "Cinderella Story." 

Elizabeth has been a part of Seeds of Love since day one. Her big smile can light up any room and she always has a positive attitude. In 2015 Elizabeth got married and we shared her story at our banquet in 2015. This year we have more news to share about Elizabeth! 



In December Elizabeth graduated from la Universidad Catolica Luis Amigo as a Psychologist and we are so proud of her!  Congratulations to the 8-year-old girl we met back in 2006, who didn't listen to all the lies of what she "couldn't" do, who fixed her eyes on Jesus and pursued her dreams. 

SOLAHIS' 10th Annual Benefit Gala

November 25th, 2017 at Columbia Bible College, we celebrated God's goodness and faithfulness at our 10th Annual Benefit Gala. We had over 400 people come to celebrate the growth we've witnessed over the last ten years as well as prepare ourselves for the years to come. Our theme for the night was "Then and Now" and the night consisted of a lot of blasts from the past as we looked back to pictures of some of our young people the very first day we met them and praised the Lord for the growth we've been able to witness over the last 10 years.

 Juan Felipe and Darrel, December 2006

Juan Felipe and Darrel, December 2006

 Juan Felipe December 2017

Juan Felipe December 2017

 Elizabeth December 2006

Elizabeth December 2006

 Elizabeth December 2017

Elizabeth December 2017

During the Gala, Seeds of Love Founder Jorge Silva asked the question "What about the next ten years?" and showed the guests this picture of our preschool group. 


Theses past ten years, by God's grace, have be life-changing for the kids who have come through our Center as well as for our Canadian volunteers; So what is our plan for the next ten years, how can we continue to grow and help these young children pursue God and His plan for them? It is by God's grace and with your help that we can help these kids achieve the impossible. Thank you for all the prayers, love and support over the last ten years; here is to the next ten. 

It's been a rich and full Spring....

Enjoy some images of activities the kids have been enjoying, due to you support and sponsorship!

 ...a day at the theatre

...a day at the theatre

 ...a day at the water park...

...a day at the water park...

 extra credit school work...

extra credit school work... night for the younger kids night for the younger kids

 ...our SOLAHIS dancers!

...our SOLAHIS dancers!

Besides the activities shown here we also have been holding a God based sexual education series for the teenagers. Early teenage pregnancy is a huge challenge we face with our kids and, thankfully, with proper and full education we are facing this less and less with our kids...both the boys and the girls. We also are hosting a youth group twice a month for the teenagers. This group is open, not only our sponsored kids, but also, to those teens in the community who are not in our program. It is exciting thing about this is that most of the kids and a huge blessing to be able to help those beyond our sponsorship program!

We continue to offer the willing parents of the community health and wellness classes, which continue to be a success.

Some of these things may not seem like a big deal, as they are common place in our world. We can not stress enough, to you, how important all of these events are for the strength and well being of our children and their families. If The Center was not there, these children would not be experiencing any of this...these children would not be experiencing love, or hope. They would not be experiencing the opportunity to dream. 

Thank you for allowing this to happen for these precious babes. Without your help, cycles would be continuing and healing would not be taking place. We can't do this with out you. Humble gratitude...

Keeping the Kids busy...

Our staff is always implementing an bringing in new activities for the kids. Some of these events are not only for those in our program but for the kids of the community as well.  an example of such events would be dance instructors, who were brought in to host a dance class. They also host a regular movie night for the Youth.

Such a activities are important to give our kids a place to be and fun activities to do. Like all children, these kids like to be entertained. What's different for them is that they live in a high risk community. High risk for drug and alcohol use, crime, gang related activity, and prostitution. If our kids are kept busy they are less likely to fall into the destructive life styles, that are so prevalent. The center offers them an loving environment, that is strictly free of all those outside pressures; and allows them to be, as much as they can, normal kids just hanging out with their friends.

There are so many kids in the community that could use out help. But in order to give quality over quantity we offer a limited amount of spots in our program. What we do offer is extra classes for kids who are not in our program but are willing to learn and take the extra help. We also offer an open-feed on Saturday to the whole community.

We can not say enough about our staff at the center. Their tireless commitment is what makes this all possible. Please pray for them as they nurture and lead the children of our center. Pray for wisdom, courage and an over flow of love. Because when it comes down to it, Love is what is needed most by the children of our center.

Thank you for checking in!

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A Last Look at 2016

Truly it has been another amazing and blessed year here at SOLAHIS. Looking back over the success of our kids this year is truly inspiring and also give us much incentive to keep moving forward with the work we are doing at the center. This is not easy work. it is slow and can be daunting on the spirit, body and mind. But when the younger children commit to their studies by utilizing the tutoring program we offer, it shines the light of Hope just that much brighter. When we witness the older young adults completing training and university programs; achieving careers and moving forward in their studies, the light of Hope grows even stronger. 

We have been a presence in this community now, for over 10 years and it is really beginning to show, not only in the children who are part of our program but also the parents and caregivers. this year we witnessed a number of marriages in which the couples attended marriage counseling offered by our pastoral staff. We believe that for our kids to achieve the greatest success, the love and care needs to come from their homes first. For many of our kids this is not happening and they depend greatly on the centers staff to take the role of mother, father, elder in their life. Part of our goal is to shift that and by offering parents and caregivers support by way of classes and counsel we are beginning to see that shift.

This year we were blessed to have our first full time Canadian volunteer be at the center for a full year. Candace was part of the administration and teaching staff of the center. She offered a unique view into day to day life at the center, which offered tremendous insight to the other volunteers back home, in Canada. Though the year came with its challenges she deeply felt the blessing of being down at the center in such a unique capacity and looks forward to returning.

The saddest day of this year happened in June; the day one of our promising young men, Estiven, was killed in a tragic drowning accident during a weekend trip to the ocean. The ripple of this loss was felt all the way to Canada. Steve was 18 years old and had been involved with us from the beginning, at 8 years old. He was a natural leader, smart, funny and wise beyond his years. He said that he lived in two worlds...when he was at the center he lived from his heart, but when he was outside the center gates he had to live from his head. The community in which we have the center can be a dangerous and violent place. The constant push of drugs and alcohol is all around, along side the pressure of gangs and the gang life. This lifestyle is a real threat for our kids. Estiven knew about this fully and it was a constant delicate walk of navigating this world to keep himself outside enough to save himself. He was dedicated to the center and believed in what it stood for and offered the kids and people of his community. He was well aware that the opportunities offered there were not to be taken for granted. He is greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. We still morn his unexpected passing deeply and will for the days to come.

The year ended with out 9th Annual Fundraising Banquet held at Colombia Bible College in Abbotsford, B.C. This was out first time holding this event at this location and, hopefully, it will not be our last. The event sold out at 425 attending and raised over $150,000!!! this is a HUGE blessing as this is our biggest fundraising event, besides sponsorship...which btw all of our kids in our program are fully sponsored! While the sponsorship program covers food, medical, dental, extended education and some of the extracurricular actives, we still need money for property maintenance and expansion, staff wages. Our paid staff are those who work in Colombia at the center; administration, pastoral team, cooks, and maintenance team, and continual extracurricular activities. 

To give you an idea, below is a list of some of our short term needs:

  • 2 new lap tops for university students
  • 2 industrial sized blenders for the kitchen
  • permanent picnic tables for around the property
  • permanent benches for around the property
  • craft and teaching supplies
  • camera for the staff

Long term needs:

  • Scholarship fund for students
  • Scholarship fund for staff (we offer continued education for all our staff)
  • Children Programs and Feild trips
  • Parent programs
  • Playground (build and maintenance)
  • Respite opportunities for staff

We are grateful that we do not do this work alone. We acknowledge our Creator and The Divine Love that guides us through all the sorrow and joy that this work brings. We are humbled by our amazing staff in Colombia and grateful to be brothers and sisters on this path of healing for those less fortunate in a ghetto on the other side of the that when you are there may as well be on another planet. But by working together with Love as our guide we are Divinely joined as One. and in this place of Divinity we see that we are all healing, together...that those children help us, even more than we do them.




University Graduation Update

This year three of our remarkable young women graduated from their university programs. It was an honor to see and celebrate with them as they achieved such a huge step in their lives and move towards their future goals and dreams.

Mariana finished her program to become a pharmaceutical assistant. Yesica and Mary Luz both studied to become occupational medical assistants. 

After their graduation ceremonies we took them and their families out for lunch to celebrate the accomplishment. We are all so proud of them and wish them to best of luck with all their future endeavors.

These young women are why we are doing the work that we are doing in Medellin. With out the center and the financial assistance we bring to the center, these young women would not have had the opportunity to accomplish what they have! This is a huge step up...many steps up. They have worked very hard no only on their studies but also volunteering their time at the center and setting an example for the younger ones. Letting the youth of the community know that dreams are possible, that they, indeed, have the power to change their stories of poverty.

Even going to school has been a challenge for our kids, as they face discrimination from the other students when they figure out where they are from. It is only the upper class who go to university and it is clear that our kids don't quite "fit in". Our staff encourages and supports them fully, but it is not easy to be so excluded and held apart. What has happened, interestingly enough, is that our kids tend to excel and once their class mates figure that out, by second term they are approaching them to do work projects with, as opposed to the first term when no one would have anything to do with them.

Please hold our kids in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to walk through this adversity. Hold our staff as well so they can stay grounded and full as they pour out to our kids and support them through all that they the outside world and their homes.

These young women graduating is a HUGE celebration for all those involved in this project! 

Summer Time Update...things have been busy!

In June and July the children in Colombia had several weeks off of school. We thought it was a great idea to put our classes on break too and spend the time playing games, enjoying the swimming pool, and hold a day-camp style week of challenges, teamwork, and even prizes at the end. A lot of preparation time went into the week leading up to the event. Our university students worked hard to create games, puzzles, and other activities. Each day started with worship time, followed by splitting into teams for the activities, then we came together for a message from the pastor, and lastly came lunch. We chose fun fast food style lunches to serve this week as a treat. Instead of the usual soup and rice they got hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken and french fries!

The teams were split up and assigned a young adult as the leader. The teams combined different ages and friend groups. It was great to have all the students of the Center interacting and working together.

The pool was officially set up for the season! These kids go wild in the water! They all have so much fun making whirl pools, splashing, throwing each other around, and just having a great time. 

We took the time to celebrate the birthdays from the last few months. This is a celebration for the whole community, not only our sponsor children. The mothers and also the children who come on Saturdays are able to participate. We sang happy birthday (Cumpleanos Feliz!) and everyone received ice cream, cake, and a sandwich to take home. It is so great to make the children feel special and have a party, something they aren't able to have in their homes.

We had an amazing visit from Free Kicks Society of Canada who spent a week with us coaching and training our children. The first few days were spent doing drills and building up new soccer skills. It all paid off at a fun tournament the last day which took place at an off location pitch. The younger children at an indoor leisure center and the older at a turf field a short bus trip away. For many of them it was their first time playing on turf as oppose to concrete. Adam and Darren from England and Northern Ireland respectively have a heart to both train and mentor children. At our Friday youth group meeting they spoke and shared their testimonies.Throughout the week they constantly spoke a message of hard work, encouragement, teamwork, and persistence. It was an important lesson for our ultra competitive kids to hear that cheering on your friends and having a great time is much more important then winning the games. 

Thanks to many donations from soccer clubs and others through Free Kicks every session ended with jersey's awarded to those who stood out for trying hard, helping a friend, having a good attitude, and much more. At the end of the week the teams were given full kits to play in the tournament and afterwards they were all surprised to learn they got to keep them!

The week was full of great lessons and a lot of fun. Check out to find out more about the work they do in Canada and internationally using soccer as a tool to build up and inspire youth. Click on image below to see more of the fun!